Håndmaling Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrikk

Come visit:
Porsgrund Porcelain factory and museum

This is the only factory in Norway which still produces porcelain.

The factory has enjoyed continuous production over the past 130 years and in fact still uses the same original “recipes” for all of its products.

The porcelain factory produces a wide assortment of porcelain products ranging from fireproof goods destined for the professional kitchen to exquisite, fine porcelain for the home.
PORSGRUND is the main producer of porcelain flatware and products for our Royal family, and has been so for three generations.

Learn the fascinating history of Porsgrund Porcelain through the interactive exhibition that also includes about 1.000 objects. See the production and talk to the people who produce the “white gold”.
In the Auction Hall, you might just find the old porcelain you long have been searching for. In our gift and outlet stores you can buy design items such as porcelain, jewelry and textiles.